The 9 Commandments of Working with Mirrors and Mirror Contractors


This blog article is about how to work with mirrors. A mirror can be a powerful and benign tool. The story of Narcissus and Echo is a reminder that if you are not careful, it can destroy or consume you. You might encounter a critical mirror reflection of your body when using the bathroom mirror or walking into your bedroom before bedtime to see how you look, but mirrors also exist in other areas of life as well, such as in art, medicine, business and communication. This article will take a deep dive into the ten commandments for working with mirrors. This article is intended for anyone working with mirrors or who encounters mirrors in their daily life.


1. Always ask for a portfolio and references from your mirror contractor


If your contractor can provide you with relevant information and recent pictures of his job – it is a good sign. You can then call his customers and ask them about their satisfaction with the contractor’s wedding glass painting, mirror cleaning or mirror installation services.


2. Do not just believe what the mirror contractor says


Trust is important for a good working relationship with your wedding glass painting contractors, but it shouldn’t be blind trust. Occasionally have your mirror contractor audited by an independent firm, such as a local business chamber or a trade union to measure how well he reaches his service goals and how efficient he performs his work tasks.


3. Hire honest glass painters


If you want your mirrors to last longer, do not try to cut costs on the purchase of the proper cleaning of coating materials. It might be tempting at the moment of signing the contract to focus exclusively on the price and not to consider the quality of services. This will be an expensive mistake, because in the long-run, it will lead to a decline in quality and eventually in customer satisfaction.


4. Do not make important decisions while under stress


If you are not comfortable with your wedding glass painter’s work ethic or if you do not agree with his work methods – you should speak up. You have every right to expect your mirror contractor to treat you with respect and explain his procedures fully and clearly. In case of any disagreement, try to find a solution together through a dialogue instead of threatening your wedding glass painter with legal action.


5. Make sure your mirror contractor has valid insurance


Another critical factor that affects the quality of professional services are the risks and duties of a contractor. Any kind of insurance is good, but in order to keep customers happy, make sure your mirror contractor has a valid commercial liability insurance.


6. Pay attention to what your mirror contractor is charging you for each service


Many people do not know how much mirror painting or glass cleaning is actually when done by the mirror contractor. Be aware that the actual price depends on:


  • the type of glass that is being installed;
  • a mirror’s size or shape;
  • the type of frame – metals, wood and/or acrylic;
  • a mirror’s location – on a ceiling or wall in a house;
  • and whether you are getting a second-hand mirror or a brand new one.​ 


Your wedding glass painter might charge you more for doing the same job twice; for example if he does both painting and cleaning jobs at once.


7. Always ask for and confirm the price of any additional accessories that may be needed for your mirrors


Your wedding glass painting contractors might charge you extra for their services, such as touching up the paint or cleaning inside the glass. Ask them if they will do this work, and confirm the price.​ They might not charge extra if they are doing only one job right now, but the good mirror painters might keep you informed on their schedule so that they can do both – painting and cleaning at two different times in case of request from you or when they got a new job ​that requires both​.


8. Avoid scammers who promise too much with cheap mirrors with low quality materials


There are many companies selling mirrors with low or no quality at a very cheap price. You might be tempted if you do not get the perfect mirror, but this often leads to disappointment and angry customers. Some are notorious for selling low quality imports that break with high frequency. The good contractors should be able to provide you with an opinion on the type of glass they used in order to name it a good imported one or a domestic brand.


9. Hire only reputable contractors who have been around for at least 10 years, sustainably provide excellent service, and have outstanding references from their past clients and colleagues


Be careful when doing business with mirror contractors who have less than ten years of experience, no references, and no reputation.



The above-mentioned tips are extremely important but also simple to follow. Even if you use only some of them, you will be able to make a good decision when choosing a mirror contractor. Always remember that your mirrors are an investment, and you should take great care when making any decision regarding their installation and maintenance.


However, do not forget that it is impossible to reach perfection in the world of mirrors (and in most other things too). The best way not to get disappointed is to keep an open mind. You may have doubts about your choices or the service practices of your contractor – make sure to voice them, but do not force your contractor into accepting them as true if he does not agree with you.


Norman Dixon

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